Is it possible to create new (not shared) parameters for families?


Is it possible to create new (not shared) parameters for families? If not, are there any custom nodes available yet?

Thank you for your help.

Have a look at the Orchid package.

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For families, yes you can do that… and as @m.rijsmus describes, in my package :slight_smile:

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Mabye have a look at this I used @erfajo package for this what works great!

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Thank you erfajo!
I just instaled Orchid. I was searching through the nodes available and found Parameter.AddParameter which is capable of creating new parameters for an .rfa family.
I want to create a new parameter for all family instances of a Family inside a Revit model and so, ideally, it would be great if i could add the parameters direclty to all instances of that Family, which are on the model, instead of adding them first to the Family.rfa file.
For example, for the family “TPF-Pump” (of category Mechanical Equipment) I want to add the parameter “Marca” under the group parameter “Identify Data”, for all instances of the Family “TPF-Pump” present in the Revit model.
Which nodes are more suitable to do so?

in that case you formulated your question wrongly… you could have done that with the ootb nodes since their work inside a project file. you can also use my comparative nodes for project files. it is all up to you how you want to do it.

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Thank you erfajo.
Which out of the box (ootb) nodes (nodes that come installed with Dynamo) do you think are more suitable? I haven’t found any which could help me.
Also, where can I find your comparative nodes?


It is the exact same procedure as inside Revit.

if you want to add a parameter in a project, then you need to add either Project Parameters or Shared Parameters (or Global Parameters). You need to add/set the category the new parameter should adapt to, after that, all families in this category will have this parameter.

On the other side… if you want parameters stored inside a family for another job etc., then you need to do it inside families.

From your question has it become muddy what it is you want. That’s why we ask for an in-depth description of the problem, so we don’t need to give an advise which is correct but also wrong, because of the question.

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Thank you erfajo.
For now I have decided to edit all families. However, I am doing it with .NET C# instead. Hopefully it works.

I dont understand… change them using .net?

Anyway, I do also think that changing whatever is needed goes best inside the families. I have anexample for how to collect families in a project, open them and do something with them in my sample collection at Github.

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Thank you! I will have a look at your samples.
I was divided into doing this with Dynamo or .NET C# in Visual Studio. I opted by doing it in VS and I managed to do what I wanted.