Is it possible to Cloud Grid Heads

I have to change the name of grid in an active project so I need to cloud the grid bubble wherever it appears. I’ve used Dynamo to find all the views on sheets that contain the grid in question but can’t figure this last step. I could convert the grid to a curve but I think that would cloud the entire grid. All I need to do is cloud the grid bubble. Is it possible?


What exactly do you mean with ‘cloud the grid buble’?

Do you mean hide or crop or something else?
Could you post a screenshot to explain what you’re trying to do?

Grid Cloud
Something like this image: cloud and tag everywhere this specific grid bubble appears. I’ve used Dynamo to find all the views, it’s just under 100 instances. Hoping to find a better solution than manually clouding them.


Use this node to feed in the views, the revision you want to be associated to the cloud and the ‘curves’ that represent the perimeter of the clouds you want to draw

More specifically, something like this will give you a bubble at grid head in the active view.

I’d suggest getting this right in 1 view before applying to any others (this assumes that your grid heads are in the same location across all the views. If they are 2D and not 3D you will need to get the location of the grid head another way)

I like it, this is a nice approach. What happens if only one end of the grid shows the bubble but the other end does not?

Out of curiosity.
Why do you need a Rev Cloud around your Bubble?

You can get the start and end points of a grid as well as a boolean value of whether those ends have bubbles or not. You would use this to determine which ends need a bubble and which do not.

It changed from one number to another.

Maybe I’m missing a step. Is there a way in Dynamo to determine if a grid has the annotation box checked or not (see image).
Grid Box

It’s possible someone else has a custom node developed already (I don’t know) but you can go through the API.