IronPyton in Dynamo

Hello everyone
Is there anyway to see "Python’s console messages " within IronPython for Dynamo?
I know that GH IronPython show the console messages by default.

Not that I know of. If it’s a warning, you can close the editor window and run Dynamo, a little yellow bubble will display the warning. If you want to print something to the console I am not sure if that’s possible. Sorry mate.

Thanks Konrad and Happy new year.

I thought to attach a picture of IronPython Interface for GH .
It would be great to be able to Debug Python nodes at implementation time of the node.
However Little yellow bubble is really helpful.

Dynamo’s ipy ui is built around a very basic implementation of . I’m sure it can be extended to provide similar functionality to GH’s but I don’t think anyone would be interested in doing that.

What you could do instead, is add a custom console file and output its result at the end of your script:


Sweet solution
Thanks Genius :slight_smile: