Iron python Version inside Dynamo.?

What is the iron python version inside of dynamo…?
I have been trying to install packages into python and as discussed in many other posts in the forum seems not possible with iron python but I found this on this link []


and this

How to make sure sure the python script node is running on 2.7.5 or above ?
Has anyone tried this before…?

What’s new with Dynamo 2.1?

  • Improved the Search feature for faster, more accurate results – Library search performance has been improved, leading to faster search and more accurate keyword matching (You asked – we listened!).
  • Updated IronPython to version 2.7.8 and the install location now sits inside the DynamoCore folder instead of being a system-wide install. This will keep Dynamo’s version of Python from interfering with other tools on your system that also rely on IronPython.
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Thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus , which means we should be able to do pip install right?
Anyone who has installed a package for python inside dynamo.?

I think you would be better off installing packages directly from the IronPython console in that case. Afterward, make sure to add the Lib folder to your PATH variable in Dynamo like this:

import sys
sys.path.append(r'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\IronPython 2.7\\Lib')

Note that only modules coded in pure Python will work in IronPython. Modules programmed in C (e.g. NumPy) will not work.


“Pure Python” that now adds a layer of difficulty to what I am doing.
Could you share some usefull packages and information on how to install (since it doesn’t support pip)
Thanks a lot

Also I wonder if there would be a way to auto copy all the package related files to the users python library to make sure my script runs without any problem,this seems doable with dynamo right?

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