Are we going to see Dynamo integrating into Inventor, or is this just a rumor that I chose to listen to?


Thanks Andreas, so I guess this will be the approach rather than official support from Autodesk

I’d like to use the Inventor Library with Dynamo in Inventor, and also for some prelim Dynamo work that will make its way to Revit as well.

If anyone has gotten this to load, can you please share the workflow?

It is great to see more people interested in having Dynamo integrated in Inventor. For sure the efforts of Frank Fralick are commendable. But it would be interesting to have the Inventor developers aboard

If the search engine of Autodesk Community is working properly, there is not suggestion at all of Dynamo for Inventor in the Inventor Idea Station . Just a brief notation in the Inventor ETO idea Station.

But better late than never. I just posted today a new idea proposing Dynamo for Inventor. If you want to call the attention of the Inventor team, please vote for this idea and add some comments.