Dynamo For Other Products

Hola Amigos buenas. Recently I have been trying to spread the word about Dynamo’s capabilities in autodesk products and my colleagues in the CAD Support department have been wondering if there is the possibility of having Dynamo for Vault Professional and other products like Electrical or Inventor? in the case of Vault it would be great to be able to make queries in a more friendly and fast way, about users, roles, grupos, mapping of propertyes etc (acction nodes will be dangerous i think), etc. maybe there is a package but I did not find anything that indicates its existence, if anyone knows anything about it I appreciate it, any information is welcome!!

Hi @gilberto.arechigaiba,

There has been a porting from Dynamo to Inventor in the past.

Amigo @Alban_de_Chasteigner Gracias por el concejo, I will try to use it, thanks for the link, do you know if Autodesk has plans to implement Dynamo by Electrical or Vault?

Here is the public Dynamo roadmap :

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I’m not sure that vault would make a good integration case, as the use cases are too narrow relative to the content (what variables do you have compared to the output?), and the output is too rigidly structured to benefit from what dynamo’s strength’s are. A package which accomplishes the common tasks seems more useful (doubly so as you could interact with Vault from inside any of the many other Dynamo integrations), but even then you’d likely be just as well off to have automation routines ready to process content on demand (something which I believe the Vault SDK allows) rather than having to spin up a separate tool to do the vault interaction bits.

Curious to know if you’ve considered those other automation options as well, and how they were found to be wanting compared to Dynamo for the automation.

Amigo @jacob.small @Alban_de_Chasteigner buenas, thanks for your interest in the post.
Answering your question my colleagues have tried to use code with visual studio (C#) to make some queries but they tell me that it is quite difficult and unfriendly we are not active developers :face_with_spiral_eyes:, that is the reason for this post.

The topic with Vault, on the production server alone we manage about:
Vaults 21
Users 1084
Groups 154
Roles 22
The number of files I’m not even familiar with how ask for it (I don’t play much Vault a miss click can be dangerous, we usually manipulate vault all together to avoid messing it up).

Depending of the Vault #items aprox
Lyfecycles 15
Categories 5
Properties (user define) >100 some times whit more than 1 Mapping each one

We are not interested in manipulating the DB with dynamo (crashing the server I don’t think it would be fun), more than anything we would really like to be able to do query’s of the lists and the relationships between the different entities and be able to compare one list with another and so, without having to do so many clicks, to export cvs easily and quickly to create a data model unlinked to the DB I think it would help us a lot to better understand the relationship between the tables in the DB and explore security and permissions without fear of damaging the DB using code directly.

The topic of security and permissions becomes difficult very quickly, most of the problems we have is because users make an override of the security of files and folders, this year is the third time we intervened to prevent this from happening, it continues to happen and will surely continue to happen for ever and ever amen, it takes us weeks to find where the weak point is.

In the IT team we have good developers but knowing how to program and knowing the vault API are different things, with these conditions it would be necessary to request a development project to create an addin to manage vault (this sounds redundant since Vault is a DB management tool) And to authorize the budget for such a project in a public company, I think we all have an idea of how the bureaucracy is in these matters!

All of the above made us wonder if maybe somewhere in the world someone with more experience and programming skills might have already created a package or maybe it’s not such a bad idea, after all it is valid to dream about, anyway thank you very much for your time!

Hmmm… So pulling the information about files on the server and how each file releases to the others would be a use case?

I’ll see if I can find a Vault guru and will ask how feasible building such a tool via Dynamo is.

Mostly being able to do queries about lifecycles, roles, groups, global configuration, security on files and folders in each Vault, etc. would be a wonderful implementation, thank you very much my friend you are great!!