Dynamo & Revit and Inventor?


I am new here and have zero knowledge of Dynamo. I will be starting an adventure with Revit sometime soon and I have been doing research for it. Dynamo was one thing that kept popping up in forums, searches, etc…so I figured I would stop by here and ask some questions for the pro’s!

Little background about myself. I am in the ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) cladding business. I have been tasked with learning Revit and improving the design department, training, workflow, etc. Revit seems to be the best option for what we’re working with. Inventor or Fusion 360 will be another program we will be utilizing for fabrication of the designed panels we create for buildings.

I have learned that Revit and Inventor can work together, in a sense.

I have a question, it may be crazy but I need to ask it because of curiosity and I need to know.

Is this possible: Can I link Inventor (or Fusion 360) with Dynamo and Revit so that they’re intertwined so to speak? Can I design a panel in the sheet metal application in Inventor, send it to Revit as a family, or however that works, and then have the ability to manipulate the panels in Revit, individually, with the information from Inventor? Once it is in Inventor (sheet metal) can I design fabrication models for each panel in the Revit model and give them labels, numbers? In my head this is making much more sense than it is to you probably.

Once the cladding system is done being designed in Revit, I would take the panels from the building and create a fabrication drawing for a CNC for the panel. This would be done in the sheet metal application in Inventor or whatever program we decide will fit best with us and the new process.

Best I could find in a quick search: https://youtu.be/rRjLnWOCBIs


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This looks very interesting. I’m probably wrong, but is it correct to say that all of the information in that video was imported to dynamo, then connected to Inventor and then it created individual sheets for each sheet metal piece?

Video unavailable & 404 - Page not found please chan you share it again

you can still search the forums for topics on Inventor. The YouTube video was taken down. Not much I can do there.

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