Interweaving lists


Hi, I have a problem, you need list A which has two sub-lists A1-A2 with 6 sub-lists A1.1-A1.6, A2.1-2.6 to assign the parameters of another list B with two sub-lists. So that the sub-list B1 is assigned to all elements A1.1-A1.6, and B2 to all elements A2.1-A2.6.
I tried all the options of interlacing, nothing comes out, please help.
Sorry for my english.


"List. Transpose " will return the result you want.

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Hi @stepao1414,

I didn’t fully understand what output you require.

But this is what I came up with from what I could understand.

Hope this helps.

Apparently I did not say correctly. Here is a screen attached, what is required to achieve. The first sublist with all his
sublists should have the same values ​​(a, b, c, d,) the second sublist with all his sublists (e, f, g, h)

I would probably do something like this:

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