Merge Sublist Values

I have this sublist. I want to merge this parameter. For example, List 3 values are S04/FE/203 and S04/FE/204. I want to do list 3 value is only “S04/FE/203 S04/FE/204” not two sublist. I want to do that each sub lists.

Like this? :slight_smile:

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Yess:) Thank you :slight_smile:

So how can i match this lists ? For example,

S04/FE/202 Wc Emiş

S04/FE/202 Emiş

S04/FE/203 S04/FE/204 Emiş

S04/FE/203 S04/FE/204 Emiş

This is because your “a” values is in a list whereas your “b” values are not.

I know but i am trying to match

If your “a” list has only one sublist you can use something like this:

Or flatten the list…

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