Intersection between a surface and panes

Morning all,
i have a surface imported as SAT in Rhino that i want to intersect with a series of planes

When i use Geometry.Intersect i only get partial results (meaning not all planes finds an intersection)

Using Surface.ProjectInputOnto (with Lines) i get the same result

Any idea why and how to fix it is welcome :slight_smile:Cheers

Can you share the sat and the dyn?

The DYN yes, the SAT complicated since it’s still not a public project :frowning:

Have you tried intersecting with big enough rectangles rather than planes ?

I tried with lines also, same result and EXACT same intersection so it’s not random

Strange indeed…

If it is only about getting isocurves, I think Curve.ByIsoCurveOnSurface might work.

The only time I had a problem with intersections was when the surfaces I wanted to intersect where too big.

Different issue with iso curves. they don’t seem to respect the surface

And here’s what i get when i intersect the isolines with the surface

Quite weird that some isocurves seem to stop at the end of the surface whereas other seem to ignore the boundary…

Quick thought : Maybe your initial Surface is not correctly defined / imported and there are some “leftovers” points that we cannot see. Does the first intersection you made in your initial post contains any point ? If yes, could you highlight them ?

Does this happen with any other Surface ?

One more clue, here’s the Reference Planes with a solid generated from the same surface in Rhino

Same Surface, split in 3 using ACIS 2,3 and 4

Im loosing my mind ahahahahah

Hi Daniel. Why don´t you try with a simpler surface, just to discard an issue with its geometric definition (It happened to me once).

I’m not sure if this might help, but I usually export the Rhyno surface in a 3dm format when I need to create it in Revit.

One more test :slight_smile:

Inserted the thickened surface then exploded it then…

Im getting more lines but still not what i need :slight_smile:

Seems ok with a quick made up shape so it confirms that it’s on the Rhino side i guess.

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If you can share the sat via PM or other non-public channels I’ll try and see if it’s a geometry conversion issue. Would only need that one surface.

This should work …
sat.dyn (16.1 KB)

Have you tried adjusting the geometry range in dynamo or scaling the geometry?

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I ended up creating large circles and transform them into surface to cut


Maybe this will work too

get points from SAT and intersect.dyn (20.1 KB)