Intersecting walls angle between joining walls

Good Afternoon,

I am trying to count how many walls intersect but that arent split and therefore dont have a set joint type (miter etc…) and also a angle between the intersecting walls, the angle doesnt matter i just need to determine if the walls are at 90 degrees or not.

Can anybody help me with this ?


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Good morning,

Not sure that I explaned my self very well in my first.

Effectivley i am after two outputs:

  1. how many tims does a wall intersect another wall all the way through?

  2. what is the angle are the walls at? the reason for this is if it is at 90 degrees it is called a plain joint and anything else is and iregular joint. i am trying to determine how many ‘plain joints’ and 'Iregular joints ’ are in my model.


hope this is a bit clearer,


any help with this would be great.





Following my previous post i have been able to export the co ordinates at the start and end of a wall, find if any of them match and if they do work out the angle between the two vectors…

however i can’t work out how to export the co ordinates of where an intersection occours on a wall when it isnt at the end see image below as an example…












Anyone got any ideas??


Thanks in advance…