Intersecting points - 2 Rail data points

I was hoping somebody could steer me in the right direction. I have been give a data file (excel) of points (4 x points per 1m spacing) that

  • I have been able to get into Dynamo
  • Separate out the bottom points
  • Then find the centreline between the two rails. For which a polycurve has been placed
  • Then divided centreline to have a 700mm spacing for rail track sleeper placement.

My issue or question is… now how do I place a line or points from the 700mm spacing points I have placed on the rail track centreline back to the outer rails? and to be at the correct normal’s around curved sections.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Track_Slab Placement.dyn (35.6 KB)
RLS.xlsx (2.0 MB)

Hi Dan,


Hello Kulkul,
Apologies for my crude sketch. Unfortunately the data I have received only has a 1m spacing for a rail track profile and they are unable to export data at the sleeper spacing of 700mm so I though that’s a good job for dynamo!. But now I have hit the brick wall trying to get the points or line back to the outer rails.