Updating Locations of Adaptative Components through an external Excel

Hi there!!

I’m developing one routine based on extract to Excel the location points of some adaptatives components, then modify in Excel and import to the model.

The problem I’ve found is that Dynamo only allows me to update the location of elements (throug “Set Location” node), but I can´t found this kind of node for adaptative components. The solution of delete the old adaptatives componentes and create new ones with the new points doesn´t fit to me because I would like to preserve the UniqueID of my elements.

I attach you here both Dynamo Files, (extract coordinates and import coordinates), and the Revit File I am working with. The elements are a kind of “cables” to post-tensate a concrete wrought.


Red circled Elements are the adaptative components I want to controle.

Import_Coordinates.dyn (56.6 KB)
Export_Coordinates.dyn (89.0 KB)

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Does anybody has any idea?