Internal server error 500

Hello All,

I have got a problem hope you could help me to solve it.

I am doing energy analysis with Revit2017 and DynamoV.9.2. The xml file will be created correctly and also the file will be uploaded to GBS automatically and will generate analysis completely. (according to the image below)

But when I am using “GetAnalysisResults.LoadAnalysisResults” to return back the results in dynmo, it gives an error “internal server error 500”.

What should I do to solve it?

Thank you for your time.

@Raha_R Can you please provide us with your gbxml file for 9.2? The Energy Analysis package will need to be updated for Dynamo 1.1.

Hi Raha,
The team at Thornton Tomasetti, the authors of the package, are currently updating to 1.1 code base, not sure if they will create any fixes back to 0.9.2 or not. Check here for bug fixes and reporting:


@Zach_Kron Thank you. So, I am waiting to try updated ones.