Interior partition Wall Tag reading which side assigned metarials

Hi everyone,
We are working on projects has different wall types by their own design. For example, the interior partition has 4’ cement board + rest of height is gyp on one side another side gyp full height, etc… as you will know and most of the projects have unique wall types.
I do not know if this forum has it somewhere, I searched and read almost every wall related forum topics but couldn’t get a close look. If you know maybe I missed the opened topic please forward me and i will definitely delete this topic not to confuse the others.
Here is my question;
Is there a way to tag these walls per material side, for example; if you look at my attachment, which side is gypboard which side is cement board. In-wall type family, as you know in Revit we have exterior and interior designations , So can I

use dynamo to specify in a smart tag if I hover over wall sides can change the wall material tags, such as ’ G4C’ lets say to ‘C4G’ if I moved to other side, so GC can understand which side is what.
I appreciate for all kinds of help here .Great forum and great support from Revit and dynamo users.
Thank you.

Hi @archuser01 would you please show what you have in Dynamo so far? And are these tags reading parameters from the walls or are they Generic Annotations? The solution would depend upon how your tags work, but in short, you should be able to determine if a point (location point of a tag) is adjacent to the interior or the exterior of the wall

Thanks for your interest, I would say i have no Dynamo input at all, I wonder if this could be done , I am Junior about Dynamo.