Interior Elevations crop by elements. Linked walls?

Hi I’ve been using the dynamo map here Methods of fitting Crop Region to Elements in Revit using Dynamo

I’m using a separate sheet model file so pulling geometry from a linked model file. I’m a bit stuck with this error.

I’m guessing my views in the sheet file aren’t associated with the wall elements in the linked file and I’m getting this error. I’m not sure.

Any pointers appreciated. Please find attached dyn

Ultimately I’d like to have view (plan, section, elevation) crops based on the interior edges of wall ceiling and roof elements. Rather than have to manually do it.
View crop by elements - NM_R0.1.dyn (42.2 KB)

hi @Wildtypitch ,

you need Category as imput. So can´t deal with the input.



Sorry yep I was fiddling about because putting category (walls) into select.BycategoryAndView created null. I presume because it only counts elements in the open model. not the linked one.


if you want to use linked view, you can use the SelectByCateOrTypeAndView node but I’m not sure I understand your purpose.

Ok thanks I’ll give that a try. The point is to get that geometry within the view and use it as an outline for the crop.

HI Alban
I’m still getting an empty list.
It won’t grab through a link.

It works when I’m in the model file, it just
View crop by elements - NM_R0.2.dyn (41.9 KB)
can’t pick up any object through the link. I guess it’ll require tweaking the code in that node.
Using it in the model file it gets to view.setcropboxcurves which returns null. I’m not familiar with this node so not sure why it would do that. I’ve uploaded the updated .dyn if it’s of use to anyone.



i tested, it remains empty in a 3D view, in a groundfloor it works

You didn’t try that. You ask the node to retrieve walls in your current project.
To retrieve walls in a linked document, the input view must be a linked view.

With view of current project use the SelectByCategoryInHostView node.