Crop view to outer surfaces of room bounding elements

Hey guys!

My problem is probably quite general, but I don’t have a good idea on how to tackle it. I have a list of groups of rooms, that are flats, and a list of corresponding views. At the moment the views are coped via bounding box, that is created from the rooms, and offseted 30 cm from each side. I want to crop the views to exactly the line that is created by the outer faces of walls, room separators and railings. And I don’t mean a rectangular crop. I mean like the one you would get with the “Edit crop” tool.

I’ve got a messy collection of lines from the room bounding elements. Is there a reasonably easy way to make Dynamo find the biggest possible surface that these lines enclose? Or do I have to find a way to find them, crop the to each other and join as one continuous poliline?

I really don’t have a clue how to approach this. Any hint as to what would be the logical approach or useful nodes/packages.