Bimorph Element.IntersectsElement node error

Has anyone run this file yet? I have this problem. Are there anyone please advise me ?Problem

Hi @TonyNguyen

One of your inputs are not correct. It requires LinkElement type elements see below example:


And here is how it works:


Thank you for your reply. But I still wanna use the way @Mohammad_Nawar did
Or are there any way to select all the categories from linked model ?

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Hey @TonyNguyen

Check the link below and follow the graph, if you need the script just drop me an email. you just missed one node. check the picture below.

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thank you @Mohammad_Nawar. I have already added Manage.RemoveNulls node as your picture but still the same warning. im gonna send you email :slight_smile:

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Please follow @Kulkul’s advice; you are inputting anonymous linked elements - the node requires LinkElement class objects. You get that exception only if you are inputting linked elements from custom scripts or packages which do not return LinkElements, hence you have to use BimorphNodes LinkElement.OfCategory node.

Read the article here and see section “Optimised For BimorphNodes Element and BoundingBox Nodes” for more details.


Thank you @Thomas_Mahon. Yes, if i follow @Kulkul’s advice, it works but in this case how can i collect all categories from linked model ?
It’s not a good idea to select manually each category from linked model and combine by using List.Create node then not sure that it’s enough categories or not.

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Understood, but the node only takes a list of categories, so you will need to get all categories first then input that into the node. However, collecting all categories for clash detection isn’t a good strategy since there are many categories which wont need to be/nor can be clash checked, so it might be worth reviewing your workflow and identifying which categories you need to target for this procedure.


@Thomas_Mahon @TonyNguyen

Thank you thomas for clarifying to be honest you created the node and for sure you know better about it and what type of elements it’s taking, actually i built this workflow as tonynguyen said to get all linked elements and apply clashed detection in the easist way, so am suggesting to share the model with us to enhance the werkflow and exclude any category could effect the workflow. So, Tonyngyen If you could share the model with us i will be happy to help and enhance the workflow.

Thank you so much for all of your reply and contribution @Kulkul @Thomas_Mahon @Mohammad_Nawar
Yeah It’s good to know exactly which categories that we need for clash detection according to each disciplines (ARC-STR-MEP).
I always use Autodesk sample file for my R&D. You could find here : C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2018\Samples

Hi @TonyNguyen

I have tested the workflow on the same models and it worked perfectly. Please check the picture below. Also i enhance the workflow i will share the script with you so you can try it directly.


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Hi @Mohammad_Nawar
Please make sure that you select MEP model

yes i did :grinning: Do you still facing issues !

yes i do :frowning: . Still dont know reason why ? even with your new dynamo script

@Mohammad_Nawar no problem and thanks for your input too and great blog posts - its appreciated. It looks like you’ve got this one covered :+1:, but give me a shout if there are issues emanating from the BimorphNode.

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Hi again @TonyNguyen

You were right ! i tested the workflow again and there are some elements causing the error for that i made some tests and ended with that the curtain panels are the reason !! for that i excluded these elements and now it is working as it should be, please find the script below and send me back for the result.

Clash Detection.dyn (35.1 KB)

@Thomas_Mahon Thank you for your replay and actually i was wondering why the curtain panels unreadable in the node ! the thing it handled other non-supported elements (Views and tags) why is not for the curtain can you please check that out. thank you for your help

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Hi @Mohammad_Nawar it’s difficult to say; can you add a graph with a simple example which reproduces the exception as it seems to be working when I test:

Hi @Thomas_Mahon can you try the below workflow on the sample model from Revit.

On the revit sample project

@Mohammad_Nawar Looks good to me :slight_smile:

That’s really weird each time i do that it’s give an error and revit shotdown i think i need to check the temp file the issue happening randomly!!!