Integration family assembled with different family (Revit to Dynamo)

Hello everybody,
I’m new in Dynamo.

To my project, I want to automate my family’s setting with Dynamo. But my problem, i can’t integrate my complete family.

First I’ll present you what i want integrate, then how I do this.

The family I want to integrate in Dynamo it’s “SNCF-063-SUP-Portique_rigide_U_assemblés-300”

For modify family’s setting.

My problem it’s that “SNCF-063-SUP-Portique_rigide_U_assemblés-300” is composed with differents family like “massif”, “haubans”, “portique”.

When I use module “Family type” on Dynamo, it integrate my “portique” only or my “massif” but not my assemble “SNCF-063-SUP-Portique_rigide_U_assemblés-300”. That you can see on picture below:

So my question is: What module I can use on Dynamo to integrate my complete family “SNCF-063-SUP-Portique_rigide_U_assemblés-300” Is’t possible or I do change my conception of my “family assembled”?

PS: I’m sorry for spelling mistakes. I can’t put more picture because I’m new utilisater.
Thank you in advance.