Install Python modules in Dynamo Core Runtime

This PDF accumulates a tutorial to step by step the workflow of install python modules in Dynamo Core play with Cpython3 include command, file sample, fix issue, etc.
This is going to be an interesting for someone looking to integrate libraries used for data analysis, data science and machine learning into Dynamo Core like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, etc.

Table of content :

  • Install Python 3 step by step
  • Install package support python 3
  • Fix some issue

You can visit to link notion to collaborate and see content : Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Download PDF : Install_Python_modules_in_Dynamo_Core_Runtime-3.pdf (957.3 KB)


Nice guide
small note:
some packages like TensorFlow only work with the 64 bit version of Python (unless I’m mistaken)

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I don’t have a tutorial for TensorFlow at the moment but will definitely keep this in mind when writing the tutorial. :ok_hand:

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Hi and tanks for sharing this.
It will be really helpful.
I’m getting errors and I think it’s because I’m running the program with IronPython.
How come you have a CPython3 button in your python script environment?
I already installed Python 3.9 on my machine.

You need to use a newer Dynamo build. I believe it is 2.8 or greater (Revit 2022) which will allow you to switch to the CPython environment.


Thanks dear @JacobSmall for your kind guidance.

Thanks for your precious article. Your examples are awesome. I just discover the hidden power of Python on Dynamo for Revit.