Install dynamo for autocad

can I use Dynamo in Autocad?

Officially only c3d is supported since version 2020. Here is a solution how you can use some functionality with vanilla autocad:


Thank you reply. Before create this post I was checking in the forum, I did not find anything any explain about installing Dynamo for AutoCAD vanilla. Can you explain me how to install Dynamo for AutoCAD or copy the reference in this post please

For vanilla download the sandbox version from, select the latest zip and run DynamoSandbox.exe, no installation needed. After this you can follow the points in the linked forum.

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someone might share a simple code to draw 2 lines since dynamo to autocad?

Hello @jtm2019hyo
there is an example here that you can adapt to draw lines (with Python Code)

method (ActiveX) for Line