Inserting multiple PDF Pages

Revit 2020 now allows us to insert PDFs, which is great, but it only allows us to insert them one page at a time, is there a way with Dynamo to be able to insert multiple PDF pages at once?


Looks like it, but I haven’t seen anyone do so just yet.

You might want to start here: ImageTypeOptions Members

This is only available in Revit 2020. You can do it like so:

Now, the Resolution and PageNumber inputs are optional with default being 72dpi and page number 1. If you want to process the whole document that has 13 pages you can do what I did above 1..13 which is a syntax for creating a list of numbers from 1-13 ie. [1,2,3,…]

This will result in all pages being imported like so:

You can get the nodes from the following version of the package:





Thanks yet again @Konrad_K_Sobon!

Hmm, now how I do automatically insert them on sheets without overlapping?

To open this topic back up, later versions of do not appear to have the ImageType nodes, or am I missing something? I uninstalled my later version to install 2020.22.3, and found them, but then I lose the ability to use the PDF.PageCount node, which I was hoping to use as the pageNumber input on the ImageTypeOptions.Create.

I’m trying to automate the process of importing UL documentation into a set format.

Best to check that you have the right version of Archi-lab installed. The last two digits should be ‘20’ if you are working in Revit 2020.

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Thanks for the quick reply, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I’m working in 2021, and had a 2022 installed, so that explains it. Installed the latest 2021 Archi-lab, and that fixed it!


Honestly, does anyone just have a simple add-on? With Autodesk retiring Dynamo or did they change their minds again? Even if they did, given the back and forth, I am hesitant to use it at this point, especially for something that we will rely so heavily on in our industry.

Wasn’t ever retired, you likely just got confused on the difference between Dynamo Studio and Dynamo Core.

Dynamo Core is built into Revit/other Autodesk products, and is free to use outside of those applications as well. It isn’t going anywhere, never was.

Dynamo Studio is the paid stand alone application which is being retired.


Yeah, well, if they are retiring the paid version, who is to say they won’t retire the free version as well? Sorry, but not feeling very trusting on this at the moment.




Paid version didn’t really have any benefits compared to the integration, so our the thought was ‘why ask people to pay for that when we can instead focus on making more awesome features and integrations?‘

This was also a product which hasn’t had an update since 2016. In that same timespan there are actually more new Dynamo four new Dynamo integrations (Alias, Civil 3D, Robot, FormIt) and a major feature of Revit which utilizes Dynamo as the core technology (Generative Design).

Dynamo is here to stay, so fret not. :slight_smile:

Hmm….I have heard that before from Autodesk, usually about a year or two before something disappears……sorry, been burned one to many times to not be gun shy.




To be honest I don’t think Autodesk could afford to drop Dynamo - I wouldn’t worry about it. Ignoring it shows how little has improved in Revit since it was integrated. This would become painfully obvious to stake/shareholders if they removed it I think.

I suspect without a tool like it, many firms would more easily stray to other platforms (myself included). I couldn’t use Revit without it.

Totally get the gun-shy approach though. Once bitten.


Or just create add-ons with the API :joy:

However I’d agree with @GavinCrump that I think it be near mutiny if Dynamo disappeared at this point.

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what if I want to import this on 2019?

As Konrad said it’s only available in Revit from 2020 onwards. If you need pdf’s in pre2020 convert to PNG before importing and insert as images.

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Import Multiple Page PDF.dyn (12.5 KB)
For people that need the code here it is.