Inserting multiple PDF Pages

Revit 2020 now allows us to insert PDFs, which is great, but it only allows us to insert them one page at a time, is there a way with Dynamo to be able to insert multiple PDF pages at once?

Looks like it, but I haven’t seen anyone do so just yet.

You might want to start here:

This is only available in Revit 2020. You can do it like so:

Now, the Resolution and PageNumber inputs are optional with default being 72dpi and page number 1. If you want to process the whole document that has 13 pages you can do what I did above 1..13 which is a syntax for creating a list of numbers from 1-13 ie. [1,2,3,…]

This will result in all pages being imported like so:

You can get the nodes from the following version of the package:





Thanks yet again @Konrad_K_Sobon!

Hmm, now how I do automatically insert them on sheets without overlapping?