Insert single element at a list of indicies

Hello, How can I insert an element at a list of indicates? I tried the insert element node and messed with the levels and lacing but it only replaces one element per list. So in my case I have 3 indicies that I want to place a 0 at, but it is creating 3 different lists to do this. Replacing the fist 0 at 3 in the first list, the second 0 at 12 in the second list and the last 0 in the third list. How do I get it to insert all 3 0’s into one list? Thanks in advance!

Hey Mix,

I cannot open Dynamo right now to take a look but you might need to move your list of three into a sub list (single list.creat should do this).

If that does not work have a look at this post and it should help you.

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