Insert (list, element, index) node

This is my first posted discussion of many so thanks in advance for all the future help.

I am trying to add an Item to a List at intervals of 10 using the Insert node.

I tried the Range node but that didn’t work, even a simple Code Block of {10,20}; only seems to return the “10” value.




Try to be more specific. An image of what the final result should look like would help a lot. From what I gathered, you need something like this:

This is exactly what i was looking for but it isn’t working. Instead of adding the item to the end of each of the chopped lists it adds it to the end of the entire list.

BTW i am using 1.0.0, not sure if that is causing issues of not.



Change the lacing on List.AddItemToEnd to Longest

Thanks Vikram, oddly enough it just clicked to me as i was reading Dimitar’s post again and i was coming back to say it is resolved.

Can somebody explain Lacing?

And thanks again Dimitar!

Lacing is explained in the chapter on Lists in the Dynamo Primer.

Well shit, never even knew that was a thing…