Insert multiple sublists into multiple insert locations not working


Hello, I am trying to insert multiple sublist into a parent list at multiple indicies but its not working. I think I have my lacing correct but it is creating a whole new sublist for each time it inserts an element I am using just a 0 to test but I cant get that to work either. I really want to insert a list of lists into a parent list with each sublist getting dropped into a different index in the parent list but I couldnt get that to work, so I was trying to just place a 0 in at these indicies and replace them, which I know I could do, but I cant get that to work either. Any advice? Thanks!


I don’t think you can do this with a single insert node - this function inserts an item into a list - and returns the new list. If you supply a list of indices then I believe you’ll get multiple lists returned (the insert function will be called multiple times on the original list.

You want to do something like a reduction or loop where you can pass the result to the next iteration of your insert… for example, try using a few insert nodes one after each other - then to parameterize it for different indices, I think you’ll need to write a loop in python, or DS.


@Racel_Williams believe we were just discussing this.