Insert multiple items at multiple Indexs in multiple nested lists

As the title says I need to insert multiple items at multiple indexs in multiple nested lists. I have worked out one way to do this, see below and trying to work out how to do this with a code block and applicators but yet to get it to work in the same way, any though on what I need to edit in the code block. Note: I have Used text to explain how ! want to weave/insert the numbers to better show the outcome i want than the coordinate points I am using.Insert Items Question

I would like to piggyback on this topic because I’m after the same result.
I believe the solution will be similar to what @jostein_olsen provided here:

The insertmultiple solution from @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi did not give the right result for me either, unfortunately.

please post the data you have in the code blocks

Example Code Block:
Desired Result:

You could try this:

for i,j in zip(IN[2],IN[1]):
	IN[0][i].insert(0, j)

That has definitely worked for me! Much appreciated!

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