Insert members of one sublist into another sublist (list levels problem, help)

I have a list of sublists with differing numbers of members. I want to insert a varying number of members to the beginning of each sublist. So I have my two lists of sublists, and I want to combine them on the level of sublists, but I can’t get the list levels worked out.
Given [ {a,b,c} , {d,e,f,g} ] and [ {1,1,1} , {1, 1) ]
I want [ {1,1,1,a,b,c} , {1,1,d,e,f,g}

Here’s the closest I’ve gotten:

It’s almost right, but it’s inserting a list at the beginning of each list instead of the actual members. I’ve been messing around with list levels and I can’t figure it out, can someone point me in the right direction?

You can try like this.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m trying to get the lists on the same level of output, i.e.:
[ {1,1,1,a,b,c} , {1,1,d,e,f,g} ]
Rather than having mixed levels, if that makes sense

jbo, that’s what i have in mind, does it work if the second list is also sublists? When I try it with sublists I get mixed levels similar to robert12546358:

see image

Can you share your file??

Got it. So obvious once you see the right answer :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the help!

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