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Beginner’s question here :wink:

i am trying to open a node from clockwork only so that i can understand it and bumped into that Inputs (they go into a python node):


I had never seen that before (var / string) and dont understand what they mean or do… Can someone help me with that please? Cheers!

Hi @bialmeida

Maybe this may help.



Hi @JowennLua ,

Thanks! That helped me to understand what the node ‘expects’ from me, which I didnt know either. So it means that the node will take whatever I insert and turn it into a single list (Question 1)?

Question 2, which is still the same question as before: what happens to the python node when i put for example ‘view: var’ in the IN[0]? It thought first, if i do it in the custom node, then the node will have an Input called ‘view’ instead of IN[0] in the workspace. I tried to do it and was not succesful though… Am I doing something wrong? Or did I understand it wrong?


hi @bialmeida, you need to change “CodeBlock” to “Input” node as example below.


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