Is there a way to get the index of all occurrences within a list?

Follow up to my first post why does this IndexOf return -1 when the item I am looking for is in the list?

Try the “List.AllIndicesOf” node.

About your second question, that’s just an oversight. Somebody just forgot that “-1” is a valid list index in DS:


Thanks for the reply, “List.AllIndicesOf” was what I was looking for. It unfortunately does not work if the list contains null values. I will put something together in the next couple of days and submit it to GH per your comment on my other post.

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If you use Clockwork’s List.ReplaceNull, to replace all the nulls with “nulls” it will give you what you want. I dont know if this causes you problems further down your graph.


That would work and then I just look for “null”. I was trying to replace the null values with a matching index value from another list. Thats why I needed the index value. I ended up using an if statement and is value null. True use value from list B if false use value from list A.

Since many of the nodes do not take nulls I ended up replacing the null with a value the node would take and then placing the null back into the list after the node. Not very efficient but the only workaround I could think of at the time.

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Alternatively, for this particular case, you could try the “NullAllIndicesOf” from spring nodes.


Wow did not know that was in spring nodes. thanks dimitar,