Index of integer in a string


Hi all,
I have a list of strings (family names). I would like to remove all the integers (is a string) in the family names. Is there a way to remove ‘integer string’ from the names? My appologies if the lattent is vague. I dont know how to formulate this in any other way. Can sombody help me?

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Filtering integers in a string

please screenshot with you current result and what are you want to see


First of all:
Do you have the clockwork package?
Having the List.From.String node from that one is going to make it a whole lot easier.


IMHO regex should be used

import re
string = "blabla12bla bla 2 bla 312"
OUT = re.sub(" \d+", " ", string)


what its mean?


probably digit :smiley:


but not inside the text ?:grinning:



Strange :smiley:




oh it’s white space…
"\d+" istead of " \d+"



I like this decision


Thank u @Tomasz_Puchala. This is exactly what i wanted. Cheers