In Progress - Dropdown Converter 360™ (coming soon in monocle)

Just wanted to share something I have been working on for a day or two.

As a consultant, shipping off Dynamo graphs with dropdowns is not a great idea. The reason being, old versions of Dynamo do not maintain your exact selection, which can result in your graph :boom:.

Desired Solution:
Node to code to work on dropdowns. But it doesn’t. Because it is more involved sometimes.

Proposed (in progress) Solution:

Dropdown Converter 360™ in Monocle :face_with_monocle:

Currently Supported Dropdowns:

  • Element Types
  • Categories
  • Unit Types

I plan on adding support for additional nodes. But the goal is to keep monocle from referencing Revit libraries at all. So feel free to indicate which other nodes you want to be in the tool’s scope. (no guaranteed development though)


Would this be limited to the hard coded data in the API (ie: category, element type, unit type, view type) or can file level dependencies (ie: family type, level, view) work as well?

I am 87% 100% sure I can covert those types of drop downs as well.



Oh how I love this! Will it do normal node to code for other nodes as well?

Also, what is the shopping cart for?

Nah, we will let OOTB handle those.

And the shopping cart is for this: (in the video I used the recycle icon because I was testing and had not “branded” it yet.)