Impossible Model line outside SketchPlane (help from dynamo expert)

Hello everybody,

has anyone solved this hateful problem in Revit, there is a way to sketch multiplanar curves in Revit?

Try using this in Revit’s adaptive components or massing environment. These environments allow non-planar curves.

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No way, either in Massing enviroment :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Can you provide the geometry of the curve in a DYN? Also what version of Revit are you in?

There’s a difference between multiplanar and non-planar. Say, a multisegemented curve where each curve segment lies on a plane of its own, or something a little more exotic like a 3D bezier curve or hermite spline where the curve doesn’t have a plane (or has an infinite amount of tangental planes of you will).

For the former, then just create sketch planes for each curve, for the latter, other than what Jacob recommends and you we in a massing environment I don’t think Revit supports non-planar curves or at least I’ve never come across them or a situation where I would need them.


How about approximating with planar components?

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Thanks Jacob, Revit 2021.1.1
MultiplanareCurve.dyn (32.0 KB)

I’m tryng to associate a Structural Beam to this curve if I make approximation with arc and line it’ll be not continuous