Importing of Excel Worksheet column parameters problems - using DataShapes

I am having issues importing a selected column of data from Excel to set parameters for Sheets in my project file. I am using DataShapes to provide user a selection of the column to import. I feel like it’s a list or lacing issue, but I am struggling to find the problem. Dynamo script and Workspace image provided.


I feel like you’re overcomplicating it with your indices.

Just use 0..(n-1) here and then that’s your index from then on. No need to adjust afterwards.

You also seem to be pulling the wrong Parameter Names.

Yes it is getting the wrong names, but I cannot tell from where? They are correct in the Spreadsheet and they are showing up correctly in the picklist in Datashapes.

Well it looks like you’re pulling from the list of values rather than the headers (which I assume are the parameter names).