Good morning forum, these days I created a routine in dynamo for civil 3d (pipe network) in which, through an excel sheet, I changed the invert elevation of all the pipes that I had in the model, relating their name and their initial elevation and their final elevation, I developed this with the toolkit tools and its key node for this was the (pipe.setinverts) the problem is that the toolkit tool does not have a node with (pipe.setobvert) and I do not know how to create that node or how supplant its function, I add an image of the one I already have with the inverts, in case anyone knows, thanks for your help

Hi @sergioandres.escobar,

You could compute the invert elevation by subtracting the pipe inner diameter from the crown elevation and then set the invert accordingly.

if the problem is that we have a list with the obvert/crown elevation and the diameter we have is the commercial one that is a little different from the real one, so if we would need to apply it with the obvert elevation and not with the invert