Import Instance & View in Revit Sheet

Hi all,

I have been having problem using the ImportInstance.ByGeometries node.

I am trying to create a tool that will help me visualize the location of certain elements in my Revit model using Dynamo. I have retrieved these elements (lines) and have created a solid in Dynamo to capture there location visually (in my Revit model). Interestingly enough when I run the script while having an active window screening a Revit Sheet the node does not work. On any other active window screening a regular view (3D, floor plans, structural views, etc.) the node works.

Is there a way to make the node work while keeping my pre-designed sheet open in Revit ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Thomas Trinelle

3DView FloorplanView RevitSheet

Sorry for the picture, here in bigger size, FYI Error message states “Warning: ImportInstance.ByGeometries operation failed. importDrawing returned Unknown error code, Operation failed”: