Import information from one dynamo to another dynamo

Is there any way to link information at the end of one dynamo/revit project to the beginning of another dynamo/revit project?

I ask this because instead of writing everything that I need to define (for example a part object) in a xlm,jason,csv file for then defining that object in other dynamo/revit project I could just import the part element an its id as an all. I show what I pretend to have at the beginning of the second project but I want this information to come from other project.

This is my way of dealing with this. I don’t think there is an easier way to transfer data between other dynamo files.

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Yeah, the only other way I know is a bit involved.

That would be to use Speckle.

NOTE: I don’t have any experience with speckle as I have no had a chance to use it. :see_no_evil: I simply know of people that are going nuts with it. I hope to get into it some this year.


Thank you very much for your reply!

I gave the example of the parts but, I need this to work specifically for parts element, and this element does not exist in the new revit project neither it´s id. So I don´t know if only getting the ids of the elements of the first project, exporting them to the new project and then getting the elements from the id will work. What I would need is really getting the parts element (more specifically its geometry).

I know if I get really deep in the object’s properties maybe this would be possible like (writing the Geometry>line>point>coordinates in a cvs,json etc and then create the object in the new project like read file>create_ point(coordinates)>create_lines(point)>create_geometry(lines)>create_geometry(lines)>create_parts(geometry)) which is way more complicated than having some way to store the geometries parts in a dynamo readable file if that is possible.

Anyways, thank you very much for the reply.


I’ve got a question, if you could answer:

Does the Data.ExportCSV and the Data.Import.CSV are core nodes or nodes from a package? If they are, which packages?


Apologies, just trying to understand the problem (I’m interested in seeing a Speckle solution :slight_smile:)

Is there a reason you can’t background open the Revit file you’re interested in and pull it’s info into your graph? Or temporarily link the Revit into your current one?



Edit: WARNING with using this method… Copy Views to Document on file


I got the solution I needed! ( all extra nodes in Rhthym package)

I need this to do the following workflow:
Imagine you get a revit project and do the construction phasing of it. You do a save as of the given project, create parts of the elements, and put them in different phases. Now imagine that the original project changes, you would lose all the phasing you did. So I´m working in a dynamo script which gets the parts and the phasing information and puts in the new changed project, and this was the first step of it.

Thanks to everyone who replied! it was the first time I used this forum and it’s amazing!

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Didn’t knew speckle, sure seems like it could do it also