Import C3D nodes (Profile.ElevationByStation) to Python-node


I have looked around a bit on here to try and figure this out.

I’m making simple python scripts to better control the input by looping, to nodes in dynamo. Had good success with the DesignScript from Autodesk.Designscript.Geometry. However, there are certain nodes I cant figure out how to import.

Question: How do I import the Profile.ElevationByStation-node into python?

Quick tip: Generally speaking it is best to past your actual code as preformatted text (the </> icon in the text formatting) when dealing with python issues. Otherwise the people who are trying to help have to take the time to manually type up all of your code from the image you posted which is quite time consuming and prone to errors which make it harder to help you out.

Next time!

For anyone else interested, I found the missing reference. To import the C3D dynamonodes just do this:

from Autodesk.Civil.DynamoNodes import Profile