Import and export a quad mesh

I would like to import and export quad mesh geometry, preserving the quad topology. The issues that I am running into are as follows:

  • MeshToolkit triangulates imported meshes (Mesh.ImportFile)
  • MeshToolkit triangulates exported meshes (Mesh.ExportFile)
  • Parsing a quad mesh created in Dynamo and reconstructing it as a MeshToolkit Mesh only allows three Face Indices (see below). Defining four Face Indices results in Dynamo crashing.

DesignScript Syntax
vPos = m1.VertexPositions;
fInd = m1.FaceIndices;
fInd2 = DSCore.List.Flatten((DSCore.List.Transpose([fInd.A,fInd.B,fInd.C])));
meshTK = Dynamo.Mesh.ByVerticesAndIndices(vPos,fInd2);

Has anyone identified a workaround for importing/exporting quad meshes to/from Dynamo?

Happy to be corrected- but as far as I know, Revit can’t cope with the concept of quad meshes.
3 points define each planar face of a mesh and that is that

I am wondering if Dynamo for Alias can ?
Otherwise, the next option would be Rhino/Grasshopper

Hi Andrew,

We’re working primarily in the industrial market, so our workflows are focused on Alias<>Fusion<>Dynamo interoperability (as opposed to Revit). That said, we do use Rhino-Grasshopper on a daily basis and have mesh/subD workflows in place without issue using these tools. The issue we are hoping to resolve is specific to Dynamo quad mesh import and export, as the limitations of working with triangulated meshes greatly limits our work with both subD and TSpline geometry.

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your consideration of the issue we are working to resolve. Cheers!

ok no problem- I think you know a lot more about it than I do…

Dynamo/Alias is on my long list of things to dabble with- but not enough hours in the day