If node not working with two lists

I have two lists, both opened up. One has 44 items, other has 1. When I use IF node, no matter true or false, the result is always 0 (First number of both lists). Does it require that both lists should have equal number of items? If yes, how can I make it equal, considering that the number of items can change depending upon the Revit Model.

Hello…could you zoom in your image or share the graph…cant really see whats goin on

Hello, as you are sending a value and not a comparison your if becomes invalid and returns the value of false 0 look at the dictionary with examples



Good evening, I had badly seen your connection, here is a solution

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Hi there. I have come across this problem. Dynamos conditional statements seem to require equal list or they don’t work properly. You will have to use some python for this. I’ll send you a link.

See here.
Easy to replicate.