If Family Type not in model, add at point

I’m having trouble with the logic. I want to check if element is in model, and if it is true - it spits out a message window. If it isn’t, I want it to add the model. This flow statement seems to run (it is true-it is in the model) the true statement - spits out the message, and then runs the false, and adds the element, so I end up with two on top of each other.
Do I have things hooked up in wrong order?

Test - This should be a boolean (true/false). In your case, you would want a boolean generated by “Is this familytype in the model?”. Right now your “All Elements of Type” is probably outputting a List of elements, or an Empty LIst.

Try using an empty check:

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Thanks Robert, I am able to change to that true/false. But I’m thinking I am using the wrong format with the ‘If’ bubble. This seems to run true, then runs false, even if the model is in the project. I’m reading Amoursol DesignScript presentation to learn some more. Amoursol-DynamoDesignScript