If CTRL is pressed return true, else return false


I want to switch my script flow with condition of CTRL key pressed when i run it.
As i can understand, we can use msvcrt?

import sys
import msvcrt
from time import sleep

def sleep_sec(secstosleep, allowskip = True):
   waitinterval_ms = 0.050
   nwaits = int(secstosleep * 1000 / waitinterval)

   sys.stdout.write("\n    Sleeping for %s seconds. You can press CTRL-F12 to skip.\n\n" % secstosleep)
   for sl in range(0, nwaits + 1):
       if allowskip:
           # Check if User has pressed CTRL-F12 to stop waiting
           if = msvcrt.kbhit():
               kp = msvcrt.getch()
               if kp == '\xe0':
                    kp += msvcrt.getch()

               if kp == '\xe0\x8a':    # \x8a is the keycode for CTRL-F12
                    print "\a"  # Beep once
                    sys.stdout.write("\nSleep interrupted by User\n")