If and Lists of different lengths

Can someone confirm if (no pun intended) this is expected behaviour. It’s a simple logic test to select between two different lists of different lengths, however, the returned list is always trimmed to the length of the shortest list which is not what I would expect. These two images should show what I mean.

Use the ScopeIf node. From what I’ve heard, ScopeIf seems to work more like a standard If statement. ScopeIf is usually what you want. I haven’t really found a proper use for If yet.

Unfortunately, ScopeIf throws a cyclical dependency error - not sure why though.

In that example you could just run another list.create directly after the first one then flatten after your if statement.

ScopeIf seems to throws up an error if there is more than one (ScopeIf) node

We had a long discussion about this back when version 0,81 was released. One possible solution is to use imperative code. I believe that the Zebra package has a node that uses a similar solution.


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