Identifying Custom Nodes Publisher

If I receive a Dynamo Graph from a website or other source how can I find out who the publisher(s) of the custom node(s) were? I need that information in order to install them. Thanks.

Best solution is to ask the person who sent it to you, and point out bad documentation so they don’t get 10,000 ‘what package’ questions.

If that fails (because the person who shared it isn’t answering request 9+), the best which I am aware of is the ‘What the Node’ node in the Rhythm package, which takes a string and gives you a good guess as to what package it is in.

After that, give it a googling.


Thanks for the reply Jacob. Sounds like an excellent wish list item for a future release.

Feel free to submit it to the GitHub!

Hi @BBDCW you can attempt to run the Audit file from this thread:

(One thing is that is only works with .dyn files and not custom nodes)
The output can look something like this:)

This node can be found in the Sastrugi package. :wink:

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Fantastic, didn’t realize it had been published :smile:

Genius! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!