Identify which sheets that revision clouds appear on?

I’m trying to do some revision tracking, such that if a sheet has a cloud on the sheet it’s picked up differently than if the sheet simply has the Sequence turned on in “Revisions on Sheet”.

Finding cloud element ID is straightforward enough, but I’m not figuring out a way to track which sheets each those ElementIDs appear on.

(We often manually tick on a Sequence on multiple sheets where they are not clouded, but included in said Sequence, and I’m looking to differentiate those )




that might be a bit tricky…

you can have rev cloud in views as well as on sheets

There is a parameter ‘SHEET_REVISIONS_ON_SHEET’ but is always seems to be blank.

Something like this might get you close:

  • the first sheet: 3 rev clouds
  • the second: one rev cloud



All you really need is clockwork’s excellent “Element.OwnerView” node.


ok thanks Dimitar

that node does not work for me- any ideas ?




Hi Andrew,

You need to uninstall and Re-install Clockwork Package based on you Dynamo version. Make sure you install the right package it has got Different versions.



thanks Kulkul

I did already try that- but I think my Dynamo is a bit messed up. So I need to take the ‘clean slate’ approach


Make sure your using latest Dynamo version (1.0).

Beautiful, thank you!

hmmm… now i need to know which revision each cloud is actually associate with. any ideas on that?

Check this post out on Revit Forum. It does what you are talking about.