I try to use the Bimorph node to get the curve at the intersection of a wall and a line but something is not working

Hello. I’m new to dynamo programming.
I made a program to detect the intersection between a pipe and a wall. The pipe has different angles of elevation and plan.
I try to use Bimorph node but something is wrong.
It always returns the original curve and not the intersection between the wall and the curve.
I am using Revit 2021 and Dynamo 2.6.2

Bimorph nodes just report the intersecting elements, not the geometry of the intersection. What you’ll probably want is the OOTB Geometry.Intersect node.

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@gvallverdu , did you turn on graphic in Dynamo to see your result? Looks good?
Maybe something wrong in units?

Hola Compadre @gvallverdu como estas?? que gusto saber que hay mas latinos en el foro, I will answer in english for every body else, I think the node you need is “Geometry.Intersect”, I leave you an image I hope it is useful!