I cant retrieve element ID's after sorting a list

Morning you beautiful bunch,

Pretty new at Dynamo here.

So I’ve retrieved sheet data into dynamo, and needed the ID numbers of each sheet, all good. but then i wanted to reorganise the order alphabetically by its number, all good.

The problem is that after I’ve organised the list of sheets, i then can get the ID numbers back. there are several ‘getid’ nodes, but none seem to directly work.

Here’s one attempt at isolating each sheet and doing it individually, but still no dice:

I’m getting the impression I’m missing something between the list and the get id node.

TL;DR, i want the ID’s organised by the sheet number.

any ideas?

because u are looking for IDs of sheet numbers not the sheets … i suggest after the sheetNumber node, use sort by key … use the sheet as a list input , and the sheetNumber as a key


Hi @chris.stroudWUD5J,

I second @khuzaimah.ElecEng and believe this is what you need

Let me know if you need to know anything else.

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Awesome, thanks guys, ill be able to try it out tomorrow. ill come back.


that worked perfectly, thank you very much guys.