Change element id's by type category


This is my first post and I’m a beginner, so be nice to me. Lets say I have many wall, floor column types in my project. Can I sort the element id’s of these elements by their category, subcategory or comments? For example I want to be able to identify my structural columns all beginning with element id 1000x, so they will go on like 10001, 10002 etc. I am trying to get more filtering opportunities.


Someone more experienced please correct me if I’m wrong but I think setting the ID of a element is not possible. But if you are already filtering by category why would you want to set the ids by category to be able to filter it again? Sorry if it’s a dumb question.

Hi Cem, Welcome to the Dynamo forum. There are different ways to sort elements. You can use “SortByKey” node along with “Element.ID” node. It will be better if you can put your rvt & dyn file here so that we can provide a workflow for you.