How to write Text to multiple PaperSpaces?

Good morning to all!!!
I am making a script in which I write a text on all the presentations in paper space. I have made an attempt but it only writes the text in the paper space that I have activated.

Hi @CARodriguezA ,

The Document.PaperSpace node only returns one PaperSpace (Block), not all of them.
Try something like this to get all the PaperSpace Blocks.

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Good morning Dan!!
I’ll try it, but I think I explained myself wrong, the scrypt works, but it inserts the text in the paper space that I have activated (only in one). example if I want to put in paper space 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, one for each plane writes it to me the three in the same presentation

For me it placed 1 text per PaperSpace using the top part from my script as the “Block” input in the Text.Create node, so please try that.

If that still doesnt work please supply a screenshot of what you have then :slight_smile:

Hi @CARodriguezA.

The method suggested by @Daan should work. Here is an example.