How to work 'SetCircuitPath'

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As seen in the picture, we can obtain the points of the circuit using GetCircuitPath. But we cannot replace it with new points using SetCircuitPath. We do not know how SetCircuitPath works. We did not see a working example. We would appreciate if you can give information about this subject or give a working example.

SetCircuitPath.dyn (13.1 KB)
Project1.rvt (3.0 MB)

you should loop through it

for c,p in zip(circ,PathList):
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It works.
Thank you so much.

It works like this, I have no problem. But when I add a list of points, I cannot draw the new path. Can you help with this?

share a picture with all outputs in each node please

this is because it is instance not a list, use TurnIntoList node from clockwork package for both inputs IN[0] & IN[1]

I installed the package you said but it doesn’t work again.

for IN[1] the point, use List.Create node instead of TurnToList

or, if you want to make it a general case you may use IfInstance in your python code

if isinstance(IN[0], list): 
	circ = [UnwrapElement(i) for i in IN[0]]

	circ = [UnwrapElement(IN[0])]
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